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Wooden Box

Best Wooden Box Manufacturers, Suppliers in Pune, India

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Wooden Box from Pune, Wooden Box Manufacturers, Suppliers in India. Shree Sairam Industrial Corporation (SSIC) is Best Wooden Box Manufacturing Company in India.

Wooden boxes are a versatile shipping container that is equally well suited for transporting food products and for transporting large-sized industrial equipment.

Types and design features of wooden boxes

For a long time, the wooden box has helped to solve many problems. And although many years have passed since the invention of the first container, it does not differ much from modern designs.

The only thing that has changed is the way the wood is processed and the fittings.

At SSIC you will find a large assortment of boxes, which differ in the following parameters:

  • » scope of use
  • » type of construction
  • » method of joining parts
  • » type of fasteners
  • » dimensions

Wooden crates production technology

One of the most important stages of production is phytosanitary treatment, which makes the tree resistant to the appearance of pests, mechanical and thermal influences. In the process of phytosanitary processing, materials are subjected to:

  • » fumigation against insects
  • » heat treatment
  • » drying