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Plywood Boxes

Plywood Boxes Manufacturers, Suppliers in Ahmednagar

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Plywood Boxes from Ahmednagar, Plywood Boxes Manufacturer, Supplier in India. Shree Sairam Industrial Corporation (SSIC) is Best Plywood Box Manufacturing Company in India.

Plywood boxes are a type of shipping container made from coniferous and deciduous trees. During the production process, the wood is pressed, resulting in plywood sheets with a thickness of 4-20 mm. The strength of such a sheet directly depends on the characteristics of each specific order. This also affects the weight and dimensions of the box. The parts of the box are attached to each other with nails, metal clips or hinges.

Benefits of using Plywood Boxes

This type of shipping container can be used in almost all types of cargo transportation. This is due to the large number of advantages of plywood packaging, which include:

  • » versatility
  • » light weight
  • » compactness
  • » long service life
  • » affordable price

This container can be used for transportation by air, water and land. Due to the lightness of the box, the process of loading and unloading operations is greatly simplified and the transportation itself is reduced in price.

In the manufacture of the Plywood box, a material is used that is impregnated with special compounds. Such processing makes the plywood box resistant to various influences. Plywood itself is not very durable, but it has a small thickness and weight, which also affects transport costs.

During the production of boxes, we necessarily carry out phytosanitary treatment:

  • » we process the surface of the box with methyl bromide
  • » we keep raw materials under high temperatures
  • » we dry raw materials in closed chambers

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