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Plywood Pallet

Best Plywood Pallet Manufacturers, Suppliers in Ahmednagar

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Plywood Pallet in Ahmednagar, Plywood Pallet Manufacturer, Supplier from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India. Shree Sairam Industrial Corporation (SSIC) is Best Plywood Pallet Manufacturing Company in India.

Plywood pallets also known as fumigation-free pallets, they have a flat appearance, beautiful appearance, and are easy to customize and process. Because the material is processed from multi-layer composite board materials, it does not require additional de-hazard treatment and is convenient for cutting and maintenance.

The export is free of fumigation, no heat treatment, no insects, no disinfection, stable water content, not easy to mold, and can be exported directly.

Plywood Pallet Advantages

  • 1. The export is free of fumigation, disinfection, and visa, making it easy to enter and exit.
  • 2. The product is more beautiful in appearance than wooden pallets, and at the same time has high compression resistance and high load-bearing performance.
  • 3. It can effectively avoid the shortcomings of traditional wooden pallets such as wood knots, insects, color difference, and high humidity.
  • 4. Good waterproof performance, simple production process and low cost.
  • 5. It can replace wooden pallets and has strong adaptability to use.