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Wooden Pallet

Best Wooden Pallet Manufacturers, Suppliers in Ahmednagar

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Wooden Pallet in Ahmednagar, Wooden pallet Manufacturers, Suppliers from Ahmednagar, India. Shree Sairam Industrial Corporation (SSIC) is Best Wooden pallet Manufacturing Company in India.

A pallet is a popular type of container that can be used to collect, store, store, and transport goods. It is used by many trade organizations and manufacturing enterprises. Its features include the presence of:

  • » A rigid platform capable of withstanding a relatively large weight,
  • » Calls for forklift forks.

Our company produces pallets of various types and sizes, both standard and in accordance with the wishes of the customer. Timely purchase is a guarantee that nothing will happen to the cargo during its storage, loading or unloading, transportation. They are able to withstand significant loads.

In our company you can buy new pallets made of wood. Pallets of this type are relatively inexpensive. Also, their advantages include:

  • » the ability to support significant weight,
  • » reliability, strength, durability,
  • » simplicity and ease of use,
  • » Compliance with standard sizes, which simplifies their transportation in trucks and subsequent storage in warehouses.

Wide range of pallets

Our pallets can be:

  • » one- and two-layered, that is, with a platform for placing cargo, located only on one side or on both sides
  • » two- and four-way - with approaches for the loader forks from two opposite sides or from all four sides.

Shree Sairam Industrial Corporation (SSIC) manufactures and supplier of a wide range of wooden pallets in Ahmednagar, India and wooden packaging products in Ahmednagar for different-different applications .We provide best quality pallets to cater to the growing demands of leading manufacturing industries in Ahmednagar, all over Maharashtra and India to help them bring their products and showcase to the global market in safe way.

When your business needs high quality wooden pallet for shipping or storage of your product, we can help. We offer an various variety of models, size and will also custom-build wooden pallets to your exact specifications. Cost effective solutions don’t mean you have to sacrifice quality, since we offer both to our growing list of loyal clients to all over India.

We Manufacture Wooden Pallets with Experience!!!

SSIC has more than About 11 Years of knowledge, expertise, and experience gained through years of manufacturing millions of wood pallets. This, together with our continuing commitment to improving our products and services; and our growing client base, ensures we always offer premium-quality products at affordable prices and gain outstanding customer satisfaction. If you're looking for a reliable pallet supplier, give us a call today.

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